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Antique Restoration in Boston, MA

ET Restoration has been the business that the Boston, MA area turns to for antique restoration for over two decades.  No matter if you have delicate pieces which need to be restored to their former glory, or you just need a door repair you can rely on, ET Restoration does it all.  They serve the entirety of Eastern Massachusetts, especially focusing on the rich traditions of Boston, MA.  There is no better place to get antique restoration! 

ET Restoration takes a full-service approach to antique restoration, customizing each job to your individual needs.  They can perform museum-quality antique restoration or repair, or simple, functional jobs.  No matter what kind of project you call them for, however, you can be sure that you'll receive the same reliable and professional quality work.  Give ET Restoration a call today for a free estimate on your repair job.  You'll be amazed at the affordable price tag for such a high quality service on antique restoration.

We invite you to scroll through the rest of our page and browse some of our high quality antique restoration work.  These before and after pictures are just a small sampling of the fine work we do every single day for the people of the Boston area.  If you like what you see, please give us a call today for a free estimate on your furniture restoration and repair needs.  We're proud to preserve the rich furniture heritage of Boston, New England and beyond!

If you have an antique furniture item that you can't bear to part with, consider having it restored before you give it up.  Furniture restoration can bring any piece of antique furniture item to live once again.  For furniture repairs or antique restorations, ET is the best choice in Boston.

antique restoration Boston, MA antique restoration Boston, MA

Offering professional furniture restoration to Boston, MA!

When it comes to furniture restoration and repair, there's no one better in the Boston, MA area than ET Restorations.  They have experience with just about every type of furniture out there, of any age and condition.  ET has the resources to do it all, employing the most innovative and effective tools and technology that make most antique restoration jobs a breeze.  But more than that, they bring years of experience and deep knowledge to each and every repair that comes their way.  At ET Restorations, they are more than just furniture professionals.  They are true craftsmen.  And they'll have your piece in like-new condition in no time.

If you have antique furniture items in your home, you might be interested in having them repaired or restored.  ET is the go to antique furniture restoration specialist for all of Boston, MA. Over the years furniture can become damaged from regular use and can look less than appealing to display in your home.  To bring all of your items up to par, call ET for professional furniture restoration in Boston.

Old furniture can come with a lot of history and fond memories.  When an antique item requires repairs or restoration services, it is best to look into this work rather than to simply throw out your items.  ET Restorations is a trusted and respected name in furniture repair and restoration for the Boston, MA region.

Furniture restoration can bring any piece of furniture back to life.  If something has been in the family or is an antique, you may not be ready to part with it.  Don't get rid of furniture simply because it is starting to show its age.  Consider having it restored by ET.

If you own an antique piece of furniture that needs some TLC, call ET.  They will assess your piece and let you know what can be done to bring it to a usable level or like new.  Perhaps it is a family heirloom that means a lot to you and you would like it restored to museum quality.  Or maybe you just want it to be usable and look good to a visitor.  Obviously there is a big difference in cost, depending on which approach you take.

Some examples of projects and furniture restoration are pictured below.

antique restoration Boston, MA furniture repair Boston, MA
Cracked Triangle Table Close-up Triangle Table Restored
furniture restoration Boston, MA antique restoration Boston, MA
Cracked Triangle Table Repair in Process Triangle Table Restored

Furniture Repair In Boston, MA

Sometimes you have a great piece of furniture that has lost its functionality.  Furniture repair can be completed to restore that piece to its original sturdiness and beauty.  ET will help you understand what can be done to provide the level of repair you want.  You will also find that furniture repair will help you save money instead of buying costly new furniture!

furniture repair Boston, MA furniture restoration Boston, MA

The furniture repair process that ET utilizes is as meticulous as it is effective.  The antiques found in as storied an area as Boston, MA are sturdy and built to last, but that doesn't mean that they can't use the gentle touch of a skilled craftsperson.

It all starts with careful cleaning and touching up.  This isn't your run-of-the-mill furniture polishing: the furniture restoration team at ET will fix scratched, gouged, burned and water-damaged surfaces.  Then, if necessary, the finish will be stripped and remaining pieces may be sanded and chiseled to bring out their original beauty.  New pieces may have to be fabricated by masterful artisans.  These elements are fitted together by the careful, precise antique restoration team.  Hardware is cleaned and polished and any damaged finish is restored using hand applied lacquers and compounds.

furniture repair Boston, MA antique restoration Boston, MA

ET can provide full services including replacement or repair of missing or damaged joinery, replacement of damaged marquetry and veneer, replacing missing carvings and turnings.  They will also do repairs of decoratively painted furniture including enhancing or matching colors to a desired effect. 

We specialize in antique restoration.  If you have old or broken furniture that you'd like brought to life once again, bring it to ET.  Having your furniture restored into a beautiful state once more doesn't have to be a challenging or costly process.

antique restoration Boston, MA furniture repair Boston, MA  
  Wooden Entry Door Before   Wooden Entry Door Restored

If your piece is too big, a built-in or you just don’t want it out of your house, ET will work on your commercial or residential premise.  Depending on the project, different approaches may be taken to ensure the least amount of disruption within your space.  Most jobs can be done in only one or two days.  Of course, the site where the repair has taken place is always cleaned completely upon job-completion.

furniture repair Boston, MA furniture repair Boston, MA

ET will be happy to pick up and deliver your furniture.  For many pieces, pick-up and delivery is included as part of the basic repair or restoration process.  Since size and distance varies so much, please call for pricing for your particular requirement.  If you live in Boston, MA or anywhere in Eastern MA, call ET Antique Restoration to repair or restore your furniture.

furniture restoration Boston, MA furniture restoration Boston, MA

With all of their experience, ET knows how to satisfy the special needs you may have for custom furniture.  They can create new furniture or built-ins to match other pieces housed within a room.  The pictures above show an example where a customer had one piece of bedroom furniture they liked, and ET Restorations created two additional pieces that matched the original.

antique restoration Boston, MA antique restoration Boston, MA

"Our 5 ½ ft. tall seven drawer dresser was damaged during remodeling.  There was a two foot long deep scratch on one side, a corner was damaged, and several small pieces were missing.

After internet searching, reviewing information, and discussions, we had Mr. Tupy of ET Restoration come to our house to do an evaluation.  He indicated that to do the best repair possible he needed to transport the dresser to his workshop.  However, while at our home he also did some minor touch ups to an accompanying piece of furniture.  After seeing the results of his touch up work and pictures of restorative work on his website…this sealed the deal! We had Evzen repair our dresser.  We were amazed with the outcome.  Fantastic! The dresser looked brand new.  The previous damage is unnoticeable.  The missing pieces were replaced, finish restored, and the deep scratch gone…as if by magic!

Evzen Tupy is a highly skilled craftsman who is excellent with customer interaction and does amazing repair and restoration work.  We highly recommend him to anyone needing furniture repair and restoration.  Before you make any decision please give Evzen a call.  You will be glad you did!"

Sincerely, Eric and Kathryn Sigillo

furniture repair Boston, MA furniture repair Boston, MA

We will make sure your furniture comes back to you looking brand new.  We make sure that each of our pieces of furniture get quality time being worked on by our skilled professionals.  This is a great way to save money and keep that piece of furniture that carries sentimental value to you.  Let us work with you today!

antique restoration Boston, MA antique restoration Boston, MA

Products & Services

ET Restoration is the preferred provider of furniture repair in Boston, MA. They are furniture experts who can provide a variety of services that make your furniture look like new again.  They offer quality repair and restoration that will make pieces in any condition gorgeous again.  But they specialize in antique restoration, repairing older pieces so that they look great without losing their elegance and character.  Need to have joinery, veneer, marquetry, carving or tunings repaired or replaced? Does your piece's decorative paint pattern need to be touched up? Trust the craftsmen at ET Restoration.


Nov 08, 2013
By: claudette
Evzen Tupy
61 Holliston St
Medway , MA 02053

I called upon Evzen Tupy to restore an old toy chest to be used as a storage bin for my grandchildren's extra mittens, hats, gloves and boots. He sanded the old pine panels down and lightened the finish to a beautiful sheen. His expertise and professional demeanor was impressive and his work is top notch, and the cost was good. I would trust him with any piece in my possession. Claudette O'Brien

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